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Vocaboscope is a vocabulary training application driven by your reading wishes.


Wish us luck!

Vocaboscope is a simple vocabulary training application designed with the goal of making people become more optimistic about their abilities.

About the application

Simple and straightforward

Vocaboscope is a basic application, with a limited scope: it helps learners memorise the vocabulary necessary to fulfill their reading wishes.

As such, it doesn’t claim that people will be able to learn a language from scratch with Vocaboscope: they probably won’t. In fact, they are advised to have some basic grammar knowledge about the language before using Vocaboscope.


Behind the seeming simplicity of teaching vocabulary, Vocaboscope has in fact an ambitious objective: changing people’s perspective of the world, in making them realise that once-thought-irrealistic challenges are oftentimes just a matter of practice.

Vocaboscope requires, by design, people to make wishes before they actually start practising: no wish, no learning. These wishes are not artificial tactics to make people work. They are the genuine reflection of people’s desires, and become a physical expression of their efforts once the wishes are eventually fulfilled. Optimism is the rule, any wish can become reality with some work, no magic involved.

Learners control how Vocaboscope functions (not the other way round). With their wishes, they decide the content of their training sessions. They are in charge: they are in the driver’s seat, they set the destination, and Vocaboscope will make sure they get there.


Vocaboscope knows its place, and does not try to lock people in needlessly. Vocaboscope is actually one of the rare services that will have no use if it operates expectedly: people won’t need Vocaboscope the moment their vocabulary has improved so much that they can read any book they want.

Vocaboscope does not only promote people to look outwards, by persuading them to contemplate doing things thought as unattainable, it encourages them to have interactions outside of its influence. People cannot read books within Vocaboscope, they must go through the unfiltered, original experience.

Finally, in the event Vocaboscope had to disappear (?!), or if people simply stop using Vocaboscope, these hardly-fought achievements will still be meaningful in the real world.

Inside the engine room

Vocaboscope was started by KS Edouard Song, and remains to this date a one-person adventure. Its design, purpose and ambition follows his design approach (and helped established it), which is of building things with an unequivocal intention of changing people’s perspective of the world.

Vocaboscape is still in its early days. There will be probably some (unintentional) rough edges here and there. Your suggestions and comments are more than welcome, feel free to send us an email.