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Vocaboscope is a vocabulary training application driven by your reading wishes.


Introducing Vocaboscope.

Think of all the books you wished you could read if your vocabulary was infinite. Now, write down these reading wishes and meet Vocaboscope.

Vocaboscope is a vocabulary training application listening to your reading wishes. It helps you learn the vocabulary necessary to comfortably read and understand these wished books, so even the most foolish wishes will look reasonable. Make wishes, practice vocabulary, enjoy reading books, make wilder wishes…

Vocaboscope is now ready for you to try out, we hope you’ll give it a chance and start making some wishes.

Between great expectations and realities

This is a beta version. Expect things to be imperfect, buggy and sometimes broken, as we are opening Vocaboscope’s doors to the public for the first time.

While you should be able to experience Vocaboscope all the way, from making to fulfilling wishes, from the initial vocabulary estimation to the daily training, there is one caveat.

Word dynamics

Vocaboscope relies on an ecosystem of components to make everything happen: a vocabulary practice and evaluation apparatus, a wish-making facility, a wordbook, and a book library.

These units are interdependent: the words taught during practice are the same words that appear in the wishes; the words of a book are linked to specific wordbook entries; practice questions are built based on the available wordbook information and people’s vocabulary proficiency; the vocabulary estimation test uses aggregated data from the library…

There is no hard-coded syllabus, no set questions, no mandatory wishes. Each component behaves dynamically, responding to the information present in the network and your very own wishes.

The one caveat is that both the wordbook and the library are not yet in a presentable state. For example, you may find out that some books are still inactive, which happens when a number of words included in the book haven’t been matched with a corresponding entry of the wordbook…

There is no magic recipe (as far as we know). The good news: the databases are not in stone, they are designed to be edited (by humans or machines). This means that they will get better over time, as more people and more people use Vocaboscope, and contribute, directly or indirectly, to it. Changes won’t happen overnight, but we’ll do our best to make some progress, little by little.

Here we are, this is a work in progress. Things may be a bit rough this early on, but it will get better.

Let us know what you think of it. We’re listening.


Introducing Vocaboscope.

A vocabulary training application driven by reading wishes.

Nothing more to see.