Vocaboscope is a vocabulary training application driven by your reading wishes.


Hi there, we are just about to start.

Nice to meet you.

Vocaboscope will make your wishes become reality and help you learn some vocabulary in the process.

Think about all the books that you wish you could read, and the ones you’ve tried to read before giving up—these are not hopeless dreams but learning milestones.

There is no magic though: this is only a matter of practice and time. Don’t worry, we will help you on the way.

Beta quality

A quick aside: Vocaboscope is in beta. Expect things to be imperfect, buggy and sometimes broken. We are working hard on improving the wordbook and the library, but it takes time.

These are very early days. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedbacks. Thanks for trying Vocaboscope!

Preferred language

Although you may want to practice another language, we need to estimate the vocabulary level of the language where you are the most at ease. This information will help us create more tailored exercises when you will start fulfilling wishes.


The test is expected to last 15 minutes. This is actually a good overview of what Vocaboscope can do for you.